Webster Redevelopment Project

Proposed Redevelopment AreaInformation for WG Residents and Businesses

The City of Webster Groves, using a robust public engagement planning process in 2008 called the Development Foundation (Gould Evans) Plan, identified a number of potential redevelopment areas including the Gore, Kirkham, Rock Hill and Pacific area of Webster Groves. The Webster Groves Redevelopment Project entails this area of the city. Redevelopment is an opportunity to change positively the landscape of an area while strengthening the fabric of the community. That is why public input is so important.

The City’s selected developer, SG Collaborative, is responsible for funding and implementing the Webster Groves Redevelopment Project conceptual design process. The City is responsible for overseeing the process, encouraging public participation and ultimately voting on the redevelopment conceptual designs and agreement in order to move the project forward.